Welcome to GS Wildshots Photography and Journalism. My partner Rosemarie and me, Geoff do wildlife, nature, travel and ecotourism photography, video and journalism for magazines, ecotourism operators and non-profit environment groups. We also do video production for NGOs and others.

We have been doing this for over twenty years and have traveled to some of the wildest places on Earth. In our collection, there are many photographs of some of the most charismatic species on the planet. There are also photos of stunning landscapes and wonderful people. Travel have been a feature of our lives together and when we are not traveling and photographing, we are usually thinking about it and planning our next trip.

In this website you will find small samples of the thousands of images that we have accumulated over the years. Also, there are some articles from a huge archive of published work.

We both have been involved in travel, photography and nature conservation for many years. In 2002, we purchased an environmentally significant 10 hectare parcel of land in Australia. We approached the Government Conservation department to have a Nature Refuge status placed on the land. Our Nature refuge was declared in 2007. On a small already cleared section of land, we built a solar powered house using energy efficiency principals and primarily recycled but also some plantation timber materials. Bamboo flooring and paneling is used extensively throughout the house. Bamboo is the fastest growing construction material on Earth.

With this beautiful parcel of land protected, it is time for more. Like all true wanderers, we find it difficult to stay in one place for too long. It is a big world out there and begs to be explored. There are some spectacular places dotted around the world and we intend to photograph and wander over as much as we can.

Rose is a keen outdoors woman who has traveled extensively throughout Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Her environmental work has consisted primarily of injured wildlife caring and release, and revegetation work.

Geoff has been able to merge his passion for nature, travel and photography by working as a photo/ video journalist for some 15 years. He has also involved himself in environmental issues, using his photographic, video and writing skills to highlight the plights of both wildlife species and ecosystems. During the last 10 years - besides taking photographs and videos - he has lectured in video production, built a house, did revegetation work and cycled from Mexico to Chile and then the US west coast and South West and Finland and Estonia, Thailand, India, southern Africa, Alaska and New Zealand


For stock or assignment work, please contact us at geoff@gswildshots.com and we will try our best to accommodate your requests.


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