We are currently back in Queensland. After another 18 months on the road on our world wide bicycle trip, we arrived here in late July. Our exciting news is that we now have a Covenant on our beautiful property. This plus the Nature Refuge status should ensure that the nature here is protected for all time. We have been reaquanting ourselves with the owners of the property. We now have a noisy Pitta living near us. We also spotted a Greater glider in a tree behind our house recently. This is very exciting as these fluffy creatures were considered locally extinct in our area. A camera trap has also confirmed that we have at least one Whiptail wallaby (and a joey) on our property. This species is also considerd locally extinct east of the range. More discoveries await us, I am sure. We placed a camera trap on a waterhole in the creek and got photos of a family of ringtails and a mountain brushtail. Unfortunmately we also have a feral cat. There are going to be some long nights trying to rid the property of these wildlife destroying menaces.

I am currently working on a new video which should be released soon.


whiptail wallaby


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